The DE Group, working in conjunction with its associate company Mawdsleys, have completed a joint strategic review of their wholesale activities. The review has concluded that customer interests and the future prospects of both organisations would benefit if they concentrate respectively on the sectors where they have specific market expertise.

The DE Group have developed an efficient twice-daily delivery service from eight locations serving independent community pharmacies throughout the UK. We believe that the DE Group has the most appropriate resources and infrastructure to focus on supporting independent community pharmacy in the longer term.

Similarly, Mawdsleys has developed an impressive Hospital wholesale business, widely acknowledged by Hospitals as the market leader for accuracy of deliveries and customer service support. Prioritising resource and investment into secondary care will allow Mawdsleys greater flexibility to respond proactively to future market trends in the hospital sector.

This strategy will begin from 1st April 2018, with the process of assimilating the Mawdsleys full line retail wholesale business into the DE Group infrastructure, allowing Mawdsleys to concentrate on fulfilling its orders and delivering enhanced bespoke solutions to Hospitals.

Changing times call for innovative solutions and the DE Group and Mawdsleys believe this strategic collaboration will be a positive move to secure the future interests of both companies, provide opportunities for our staff, and an improved service platform for both the Independent community pharmacy and hospital sectors.

The DE Group are part of the Converse Pharma Group.